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Our plant-based edible coatings extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is easily applied by using dipping or spraying after the harvest.
European origin
Easy to apply

Helping the world waste less

Globally, about 45% of fruits and vegetables get wasted. Extension of shelf-life brings number of advantages such as direct positive climate impact by reducing carbon emissions and pollutions caused by growing fruits and vegetables, transportation, increasing the energy saving through value chain, reduction of inventories and simply ensuring more food reaches consumers of the world.

1500 million

Tonnes of fruits and vegetables produced every year in the world


of this is discarded due to losses in various parts of the supply chain


of the total carbon footprint of production, distribution & consumption of food

Replacing plastic

Today to extend shelf life of cucumbers, primarily plastic wrapping is used. Imagine that we could eliminate the plastic, but keep its protecting properties! That's what the future will look like if our innovation succeeds. This is the first step in our ambition to remove all plastic wrappings from the vegetable shelves. All to support a circular economy.

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