Helping the world waste less

We are a visionary food-tech company that combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for nature and environmental responsibility. We are driven by the desire to reduce food- and plastic waste and create a more sustainable food system. By transforming the way fruits and vegetables are handled, we are on a mission to make a lasting difference for future generations. We believe in a future in harmony with nature.


Our team consists of a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, food experts, bio-tech engineers and advisors with a vast global experience from the food and packaging industry.

Arash Fayyazi

CEO & Co-founder

Vahid Sohrabpour

CINO & Co-founder

Pirjo Wiena


Olle Olofsson


Sara Maxence

Go to market & commercialization

Alejandra Cuellar Dole

Food engineer

Vilma Medin

Food engineer

Kristina de Verdier

Brand and marketing

Thomas Unt

Chairman of the board

Karin Edström

Board member


This is a unique high-tech project in collaboration with academia and other partners who are major food market leaders and incubators.


Eliminate usage of plastic film on cucumbers by using an edible, plant based coating

45% of fruits and vegetables are lost to waste every year. One of the solutions that are used in EU for reducing this waste is single-use plastic film. The film minimizes water loss, reduces gas penetration, and lowers the impact of microorganisms. On the other hand, plastic film is a fossil-based material with significant negative environmental impact such as greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of seas and the earth after usage.

In collaboration with growers, retailers, industry, and university, we have developed prototypes which can prolong the shelf life of a number of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The resulting bio-based edible vegan coating, should be easily applied by using dipping or spraying methods after harvest, and extend the shelf-life of the selected fruits and vegetables.

In this project, we are making trials together with our partners.