We are environmentalists at heart committed to helping the world waste less. Our team consists of a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, sustainability strategists, and financial advisors with a vast global experience from the food and packaging industry and cutting-edge research within bio-technology.

Alejandra Cuellar Dole

Food engineer

Alexander Jöndell

Board Member


Anette Immelborn

Board Member


Anna Lundin


Arash Fayyazi


Elmira Khajavi

Food Scientist 

Karin Edström

Advisory board member

Pirjo Wiena

Food Tech Expert

Vahid Sohrabpour

Commercial Director & CEO

Vilma Medin

Food engineer


This is a unique high-tech project in collaboration with Lund University - one of the top 100 universities in the world- and other partners who are major food market leaders and incubators.