Helping the world waste less

We are a visionary food-tech company that combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for nature and environmental responsibility. We are driven by the desire to reduce food- and plastic waste and create a more sustainable food system. By transforming the way vegetables and fruits are handled, we are on a mission to make a lasting difference for future generations. We believe in a future in harmony with nature.


Our team consists of a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, food experts, bio-tech engineers and advisors with a vast global experience from the food and packaging industry.

Alejandra Cuellar Dole

Food engineer

Arash Fayyazi

COO & Co-founder

Vahid Sohrabpour

CEO & Co-founder

Pirjo Wiena


Vilma Medin

Food engineer

Elmira Khajavi

Food Scientist 

Karin Edström

Advisory board member


Anette Immelborn

Board Member


Anna Lundin


Alexander Jöndell

Board Member


This is a unique high-tech project in collaboration with academia and other partners who are major food market leaders and incubators.