Our first product is being tailored to protect cucumbers and eliminates the need for plastic packaging. The cucumbers are harvested, washed and dried before being gently protected with a thin, invisible layer made from rapeseed and oats. SaveCucumber® ensures the quality and freshness of your cucumbers all the way from harvest to consumption.

Keeps moisture

Cucumbers are composed of 95% water, making moisture retention crucial for maintaining their freshness.

Retains crispiness

Crispiness plays a vital role in providing that satisfying crunch when biting into a cucumber

Maintains appearance

A visually appealing cucumber is often an indication of its taste and overall quality.

100% plant-based
GMO free
Free from additives
Gluten free
EFSA/FDA compliant

Cucumbers are just the beginning

Saveggy® is a modular protection technology that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of various fruits and vegetables. We are continuosly developing future products to expand our portfolio.