From nature to nature

Plastic as packaging has some fantastic properties. It protects fruits and vegetables from loss of water vapor, growth of microorganisms and to some extend also mechanical damages during transportation. Therefore, the key question for our team has been how to eliminate the plastic as the same time as we can maintain the good protection properties of it. In full collaboration with Lund university, we are developing a bio-based edible product to prolong the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. This Swedish bio-tech innovation is a complex product which consists of edible and natural ingredients. All the ingredients are sourced from renewable sources, food grade, vegan and non-allergic. Once the product is produced in our facilities and quality controlled, it is applied on vegetables and fruits at producers, or distributors by simple machines. Once consumers purchase the fruits or vegetables coated by our product, they will not see, feel, smell or taste anything special. There is no waste after consumption. It is coming from the Nature and it simply goes back to the Nature as part of the circular economy.