There is $2.6 Trillion of food waste globally. From social responsibility perspective, by reducing food loss and waste, our solution makes more food available to feed people and prevent impacts of famine and hunger. It also helps disaster relief operations to be able to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables with longer shelf-life. In addition, it provides, good health and wellbeing by contributing to food security and improved nutrition. It also helps to reduce poverty and economic growth by making agricultural supply chain more efficient and it provides a path toward responsible production.

From environmental sustainability perspective, our solution saves environment by making agriculture more sustainable and makes less use of packaging. It reduces water-foot-print in agricultural production and it contributes to sustainable water management. It also saves energy by eliminating the need for cold chain and refrigeration. Moreover, it saves life on land, since less land will be needed for agricultural production. Therefore, it contributes to protecting terrestrial ecosystems, forestry and biodiversity. It also, saves the world against climate change, since less CO2 and less Methane from landfill of food waste will be produced. Also, less emissions from transportation will impact the world.